Mixing Equipment

Eibenstock - Made in GermanyREFINA supply the most comprehensive range of mixing equipment for the plaster, render, floor and repair trades
The equipment includes the best selling and most reliable and durable range of German made MEGAMIXER mixer drills and mixer paddles
Rotamixers, produced here in the UK, include rotary tub mixers for mortars and epoxy resins, and the rotary paddle pan mixers for renders and screed

Megamixer Paddle Mixers

MEGAMIXERS® are robust, durable paddle and plaster mixers, part of the largest range of technical mixing equipment in the UK; they will thoroughly mix all those materials that can’t be properly mixed in a free fall cement mixer

The range is designed to give our customers reliable, well priced equipment; all products are backed by prompt service and economic spares prices. MEGAMIXERS® are produced by EIBENSTOCK Germany, Europe’s leading mixer drill manufacturer and are available for hire or sale throughout the UK









Mixing Paddles

All our paddles are produced in Germany, to high standards, giving long life and durability.  We have a large range of threaded & hex shaft paddles, with different designs & sizes to choose from


The threaded EPI mixer paddles fit directly into the front end M14 thread of the mixer drill. The paddles are of proven design to give efficient mix action; they are produced to ensure a perfectly balanced shape that eliminates paddle wobble MR3 paddles are the most popular design for a wide range of bagged materials, plaster, cements, resins, coatings, wet and pourable mixes.


EPI mixer paddles with hex shaft are for use with drills fitted with a drill chuck





Rotamixer Forced Action Mixers

The ROTAMIXERS are robust forced action mixers designed to mix all those materials that can't be successfully mixed in a conventional free-fall cement mixer

The rotating drum produces a centrifugal mix and the technically designed paddles generate a radial and axial action


The machines are easy to clean and maintain; replacement mix tubs are economically priced. The machine includes a redesigned stainless steel L shaped side paddle and a rotary claw paddle which will mix right up to the tub sides and base







Rotary Paddle & Mortar Mixer

The RMX225 rotary forced action paddle mixer has been redesigned with a larger capacity drum and will mix mortars and external colour through renders including monocouche and K-Rend

It has three adjustable paddles and is driven by a powerful electric motor and sealed gearbox. This mixer is powerful enough to mix the heaviest render, mortar and screed


The RMR230 roller pan mixer uses twin rollers that will turn and mix lime mortars and putties, renders and plaster, rework traditional and reclaimed materials, crush and rework old and reclaimed materials







Mixing Tubs

The white plastic mixing tubs are produced from heavy duty rigid plastic with a 4mm gauge wall thickness and are our most robust mixing tubs
They are designed for site use, handling and mixing construction materials
The tubs have moulded side handles and are used for mixing plaster, render, mortar and epoxy


The black mixing tubs are produced in heavy gauge plastic and are tapered for easy stacking.

The trug is produced from a flexible plastic compound which is easy to clean and to remove old plaster and cement from